Not Rocket Science, just Rocket Leaves

We've all been there. You're at lunch, all your colleagues are there, they tuck into their deliciously greasy-bland cantine food. You quietly slip out your plastic lunch box and fork. Taking off the lid, your heart sinks... The lettuce leaves haven't gotten any more appetising. You begin to eat, shielding yourself with your left hand as your right, equipped … Continue reading Not Rocket Science, just Rocket Leaves


Food For Thought

This past week, I was attending a weeklong course run by the “iWish” organisation. The course was promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) as a career path for girls, the event itself is an all-girls initiative and is the brain-child of three inspiring and powerful women. At the start of the week; we were … Continue reading Food For Thought

HOW TO: Clean eat

I'll admit that "clean eating" sounds like something a mom on the school board who cuts the crust's off her son's sandwiches and irons their bedsheets, dreamt up. They probably individually wash all their grapes and aren't allowed to drink out of plastic cups. That's not it. Clean eating is eating real, whole foods that go off and … Continue reading HOW TO: Clean eat