2016: The year that killed humanity

Here’s a recap on 2016 for all those out there who seem to have forgotten just how horrific 2016 actually was.

2016 didn’t start well, New Year’s Eve in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Switzerland saw hundreds of women sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrant men.

The list of tragedies was too long to encluded everything so here are the highlights of 2016:

The good 

The Rio Olympics, despite worries before the opening ceremony of the 2016 rio summer Olympics the games went relatively well. As did the Paralympics with many success stories coming out of the games.

Leo finally wins an oscar.

The bad

The migrant crisis continues still and still, countries are closing their borders to those most in need.

the housing crisis inIrelandd has reached an all time high with 6985 people being “officially homeless” up 40% from last year. one in three of those in emergency accommodation is a child.

Zikka virus spreads across America.

June 12: ISIS declares war on gays, terrorists murder 50 at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

June 24: Britain votes to leave the EU. everyone is shocked, including the British as the top search of June 25 was “what is the EU.”

July 14: Bastile day, 84 killed, including 10 children and babies, over 50 seriously injured by Mohamed Bouhlel driving 19 ton delivery truck through crowd of innocents on Bastille Day in Nice, France

Military coup fails in turkey

Honey G finally gets voted off the X factor after making it painfully all the way to the quarter-finals.

Donald trump. Need I say more?

And finally 20 December the unusual:

Snow falls in the Sahara desert for the first time since 1979.

 The biggest tragedy  of 2016

clearly, a lot has happened in 2016 but the one thing that really gets to me is the migrant crisis.

If your neighbor was starving you would feed them, right? if they were tired and exhausted you would aid them, right? what if your neighbor came to your door weak and sick, would you open the door or just leave them to die on your doorstep. well, our leaders are doing just this, it’s disgusting.

Unfortunately, I think we left humanity on our doorstep in 2016.


Emma.- LeanSixteen


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