The Art of the Healthy Kart

Now we all know the mantra that if you stick to the outskirts of the supermarkets you’ll be fine.. well, Sadly that is no longer the case. See the shops have become wise to this. In recent times I’ve found that in order to reach the healthy food, I would have to ready myself at the door, armed with an empty shopping trolley, close my eyes and sprint to the back. Now for obvious reasons this method is inadvisable…. the aisles are far too short to get in a proper workout… The first aisle now is the treat isle.

It’s quite impossible to get passed this aisle, you would physically have to climb up the shelves and hop, shelf to shelf along the top in order to surpass the junk food. This method, although tried and tested is not advisable. With the altitude, air is scarce up there…

However, you can see things from the point of view of these shops; when you don’t pick up that chocolate bar they are the only ones losing money. 

So what do they do??

They greet you at the door with every sweet treat and fabulously calorific deal they have to offer. 

They start with the cereals:

Choco crunch: what better way to start your day then to gain 3 pounds!!

Or sugar flakes: because fillings are always fun!!

Then the shelves swoop effortlessly into the chocolate section, seconds later they merge onto the sweets and Bam the processed foods. You’ve been guided down a one way street of sugar carbs and fats, you see your destination glowing in the fridge freezers, just up ahead but they seem miles away.

Already having only walked meters into the shop, your trolley is full.

Having no idea how all this food got there you find now that you’ve branched out into another aisle. This aisle is strange, it’s like you never been here before, enticing offers on “Hovers” and “Footstools” glare down on you, egging you to buy them. You obey.

You’re dazed and confused but now the aisle has stopped abruptly. You seem to have finished your shop, the checkout is the there in front of you. The cashier is like an old friend. Hand out-reached for your wallet, smiling, beckoning for you to come closer.

All of a sudden your out of the shop, laden down with 15 bags, you went in for mushrooms.. how did this happen…

Know the feeling?

Here’s how your avoid this and stay on track while battling the sugared-jungle that has become our grocery shops.

1. Face it alone.

Leave the kids at home, you don’t need them seeing what they’re potentially missing out on. Try to avoid shopping with your constantly peckish friend, who “just enjoys a biscuit with her tea” and every other meal. This is a solo mission… stay strong.

2. Don’t be hungry.

You always perform best on a full stomach, shopping included. Beat the enticing treats by going satisfied and thinking clearly. You don’t want your hunger to buy your next meal.

3. Shop around.

Try out local farmers markets and health food shops. They offer fresh produced that’s miles better for you. If you do succumb to the temptations of the treat aisle at least you know it’s not soo bad…

I hope this post helped you gain a new, deeper understanding for the intricate art form that is… “Food shopping.”

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Emma – LeanSixteen


4 thoughts on “The Art of the Healthy Kart

  1. Doctor Jonathan says:

    For a person of only 16 years, you are way ahead of the crowd. Your shopping advice is spot on. Although I have one or two or 41 more years of expertise than you, I couldn’t have said it any better. May this PASSION for health (and life) find its way deep within your soul. Never stop teaching the world what you practice and believe in your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Doctor Jonathan says:

        Live, Learn and always remain open minded. You don’t have to agree with everything, but you don’t want to miss potentially important “stuff” because you predisposed yourself to an opinion without truly LISTENING to the content.
        Something tells me you will grow up and become the type of person that will positively influence the lives of many people. Keep the PASSION burning!

        Liked by 1 person

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