17 Ways to Stay Fit in 2017

Ok, so it’s been two weeks since you and everyone in the country adopted the #newyearnewme moto. Things were going well.

Temptations were a thing of the past and “cravings” had no place in your vocabulary. Exercise, was your new found love and the year-long gym pass, you bought, took pride of place in your wallet. You were definitely changing, morphing into that fitter, healthier you. Your progress was tracked dedicatedly by the fifty billion body selfies you took in the mirror and progress was Definitely showing up.

Then came…. January the second.

Old you is back with vengeance. Temptations have been well and truly given in to. Cravings are your new best friend, Exercise just slapped you in the face. Those mirror pics on your phone have been replaced by Buzzfeed Food articles and pictures of melting chocolate. The year-long gym pass has seen better days but is enjoying it’s new home of behind the couch, you’re positive it’s there to stay.

Two weeks into 2017 and maybe you’ve gone a little off track…

Well here are 17 ways to stay fit, in 2017.

1. Get a dog

2.  Bring that dog for lot’s of walks

3.  Become inspired by your dog’s constant  love of walks

4.  Name your dog “motivation”

5. Every time you feel yourself slipping back into your old ways, call for “motivation”

6. Be told by everyone that “motivation” is a terrible name for a dog

7. Give in and rename your dog Kevin but tell no one

8. Keep on track of your health goals by making a good excuse not to go out every night

9.  Tell them “you already made plans with Kevin”

10. Get used to waking up bright and early with Kevin’s adorable midnight barking sessions

11. Upgrade your walks to runs

12. Realize that Kevin can run way faster than you and leads aren’t the best option after last time…

13. Weight training becomes easier as Kevin is constantly getting heavier

14. maximize your heart rate as you sprint after Kevin and your new shoe

15. Over-eating is no longer an option as Kevin seems to have gone off dog food and has taken to just eating your left overs anyway

16. socialize with other dog owners at the park as you both pound the pavements in search of your playful pups

17. Sign up for Doga *

Doga is dog and owner, partner yoga 🙂

The best part of this plan is that it’s not just for 2017 it’s for life! I hope you enjoyed this article!!

Emma – LeanSixteen


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