10 Tips From a Workout Wear Connoisseur…

Here it comes, my area of expertise – workout wear, fitness clothing, sports gear, whatever you want to call it. It’s my specialty. Earning the right to call myself  “The Workout Wear Connoisseur” has been tough and came with a price. (pun intended. sorry) But the benefits are definitely visible.. in my wardrobe, which is currently operating at a ration of 97:3 workout gear to normal clothing.  I have no regrets…

Here are my top tips when buying workout wear.

1. Don’t buy anything over €20 – exceptions do apply but definitely never spend over €20 on running legging/workout pants.

2. “Investments” are sometimes worth it but usually if you go with the cheaper option you’ll wear it just the same.

3. Quantity over quality… so, some will obviously disagree with me on this, but it’s purely my opinion. I buy cheaper gear and lots of it. Think about it though; usually, even if the quality isn’t great it doesn’t matter because you’ll have more options, you’ll find your wearing things less frequently.

4. Have staples. Black running leggings for example. they go with everything. I would recommend the “Nike essential Capri tights from sports direct – €16.80.” 

5. Buy in the sales. I own “Nike” leggings I bought in the factory store for €9, beautifully patterned leggings I purchased in “New Look” for €13, “Puma” leggings I picked up in TK Maxx for €16… the list continues. (I’m doing a review on all these leggings in a separate post)

6. Check out clothes stores. Nowadays every clothing shop has brought out their own range of fitness gear. The price is cheap but the quality is much the same as anything you would find in an active wear shop.

7. Go online. Look online, outlet stores often put their best deals only online. Sights like: “Sports Direct” and “SportsShoes” are great examples of this. They even send you emails when they’re going to have their next brand sale.

8. Never skimp on runners. At this stage, you should be saving €€€ so it’s time to put those savings to good use. A good pair of running shoes is a must. Having shoes that fit your feet and are tailored to your fitness needs will save you from injury and problems down the line.

9. Be sensible. You probably won’t wear those luminous rainbow pants that were on sale and that’s the only reason you bought them. I’m a sucker for this and as a result I own quite the collection of odd looking running leggings I would never fathom actually wearing out.

10. Try to vary what you buy. It’s great to say that you have 10 pairs of long leggings, they’re perfect in winter but then become suddenly unwearable the second the cold month’s end. Try to think ahead and once again be sensible. capris are a safe bet for autumn and spring, shorts are good on some summer days but not all, long leggings are nice in winter and tracksuit pants can be worn year round pretty much.

Workout wear beats normal people clothes any day and I can’t see my collection being limited any time soon. Happy Shopping 🙂 

Emma – LeanSixteen


2 thoughts on “10 Tips From a Workout Wear Connoisseur…

  1. Doctor Jonathan says:

    Love your approach. Frugal isn’t cheap; it is WISE! Spend $$ on important gear and put a few of the $$ into SAVINGS or INVESTMENTS. As you see, applying the concept of BALANCE applies to EVERYTHING in life. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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