HOW TO: Stay healthy while travelling

Staying healthy is hard. The world has made it this way. Our healthy ways are being constantly challenged everywhere we go, be it in stores or online. But let’s face it there’s one thing harder then staying away from temptations in our everyday life…. Staying away from temptation when traveling.

If I eat this in the car will my body digest it faster because I’m moving? -probably

Because this is foreign it’s probably better for me, right?

European food has less calories… something to do with the equator, yeah?

Plane food is zero calorie because the gravity pull is different at that altitude?

Questions we ask ourselves to justify the choices we make. Valid questions, all of them, yet somehow we all know the answers before we ask. Food is food wherever you go. Sadly.

Here’s a few tips to help you stay on track wherever you find yourself this year.


Dreaded and loathed by all who enjoy mobility and frequent bathroom breaks.

Car trips are tough. No questions asked. The monotony of simply sitting down as you travel at a respectable pace towards your destination. It’s hard. I get it, our generation hasn’t been trained for this level of patience. And what inevitably happens when us humans get bored? We eat.

So with this vital piece of information we must pack in advance…..
The horror.

Now that that has been established it’s time to use some brain cells.
Some foods may not be suitable for your trip. Maybe you plan on not stopping and must brace the multitask.

The full roast complete with gravy, spuds and… peas, may be best left at home. Along with, hard to open one-handed, Tupperware and carbonated drinks.

Pick things that fill you up and keep you away from drive throughs and other such evil towers of temptation.

Nuts are a good option.
Fruit gets another thumbs up.
Raw carrots are always good when battling the road.
• Best to stick with water… easiest to manage when the inevitable spill, strikes.


aka. The one place your bound to end up, sitting behind that one guy on the plane with the bad cough and awful dandruff.

You’ve survived the car trip but now your waiting in a terminal chatting up a croissant in duty free.

It’s now time to make the crucial decision… eat now or wait till you board.

Many will give in, sadly they will be missed.

Those who prevailed will stride confidently onto the plane, taking to their seats while producing their pre-packed snacks in a flourish of poise and elegance.

These prime specimens will have no doubtably packed things like:

dried fruit


On arrival many difficulties shall arise.

The realisation will dawn that you haven’t booked full board and are now faced with chronic after flight hunger along with the chronic lack of knowledge on where to eat.

And if the the fact that you’d tricked yourself while booking, that due to the prices you could simply go without your usual three courses wasn’t bad enough…

The prices of eating out are so above you measly spending allowance you may well have to  sacrifice your standards and go …fast food.


Here are the best ways to stay healthy and avoid paying for wayyyy more than what your eating:

• Avoid tourist restaurants. (Usually the places with the large pictures of local cuisine photoshopped infront of a local monument/ tourist attraction.) They over charge an offer pretty basic food.

• Look at local markets and supermarkets to find fresh food that’s at a more reasonable price point.



Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!



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