Healthy Hot chocolate… What?!

Oh Hot Chocolate, one of life’s greatest pleasures. So good… yet sadly… So bad.

Or is it?

Throughout my years growing up, I had found solace within the humble hot chocolate, reliable and comforting we grew to become the closest of friends. The very frequent visits I began making to my local cafe only tightened this bond.

Now things have changed. It seems coffee is my go to order and my childhood friend has been replaced.

But not forgotten.

So to combat my growing interest for nutrition and yet my nostalgic yearning for my dear sweet friend, I stumbled upon a recipe. “Hot Chocolate that’s good for you” …Surely not? This couldn’t be real, would I finally be able to give in to the craving while not overloading on sugar?

The recipe had found worked well yet still I felt it was missing something. The fine balance between actually tasting nice and being healthy had been skewed in favour of the latter.

Here is my version of Healthy Hot Chocolate;

what you’ll need:

  • Cup (obvious, but you never know)
  • hot water
  • Raw Cocoa powder
  • coconut oil
  • milk of your choice
  • Sweetener of your choice (optional but I would recommend half a teaspoon 0f honey/ maple syrup)
  • cinnamon
  • ground chili flakes (also optional but they add a really good hit)

This is pretty much a bang-everything-i-a-cup type of recipe.

Start with half a teaspoon of the coconut oil, then the half teaspoon of your sweetener (if you chose to add any) take a pinch of the chili flakes and the cinnamon and add it in. Depending on how chocolatey you want the drink, add your Cocoa accordingly – one (heaped) tablespoon is what I use. Pour in your hot water and top with the milk of your choice.

*Best consumed hot

I understand cinnamon and chili isn’t to everyone’s taste so here are some changes you could make:


  • Add half a teaspoon of turmeric
  • a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Try no extra flavoring and add some more cocoa 🙂


I hope you enjoy!!! Check out the new LeanSixteen Facebook page 🙂

Emma – LeanSixteen


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