What to do when nothing is working out.

There has never been a success story where at some stage, something didn’t go very wrong.  That’s what makes it a success story.

These flashy, glossy whirlwind of amazing people will generally touch briefly, on a time when things weren’t so good. Be it in their personal lives, at work or at home.

But no one really likes dwelling in the past for very long, so they only ever briefly touch.

When things go wrong, handling them becomes an issue. Some people can cope well with these things, for a while, but after time we will all lose sight of where it was that we were heading. We’ve been told to always “live in the moment” but what do we do when it feels were stuck 3 seconds behind. We try to press refresh every once and awhile but when we do, all we see is the opportunities we’ve just missed out on.

When it feels like your dragging your feet at the back of a pack, that you used lead… turn around. Try a different path. If something isn’t right why keep at it from that direction.

For all you know, the different route may just turn out to become a shortcut to the top.


Motivation 101


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